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How does the TC 600- work?

Hot gasses and partially burned fuel from the firebox 1 are drawn through the mixing chamber 2 which is very close to the hot coal bed.  Preheated additional air is added in the refractory nozzle 3 where a flame vortex develops and burns in a ceramic lined combustion chamber 3.  The resulting superheated gas passes into the larger primary exchanger tubes 4 and travels to the front turnaround area.  Final heat is absorbed in the smaller second pass tubes 5 before exhausted at the rear of the unit 6

This multi-stage approach to wood gasification is what gives the WB-600-C it’s remarkable adaptability to different fuel moistures and heat loads.  The loading door and grate system retain a traditional feel and function while preventing fuel bridging and ash fouling common to other high efficiency units






Description SKU # Price
Model 600 Boiler TC600 $12,450.00

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