Typical Warm Air Furnace

Both the Model 400/500 Furnaces can be
 installed in a ducted heating system.  
They can be part of an existing 
warm air system or can stand alone.


      Add-On Installation



  Or it can be installed stand alone



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Thermo-Control Quality and heating 
convenience  in wood burning.
  Dependability you can count on!

Thermo-Control Engineered to deliver up to
 125,000 BTU of useful heat with a 
minimum of maintenance.  
Steady, even heat up to 
15 hours on one fueling.

Thermo-Control Versatility designed to offer
installation as prime heat source or as
supplement to oil or gas furnace.

Thermo-Control Ease of Operation.  Just set
the thermostat and enjoy hours of solid 
comfort all through your home.


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