This is a Thermo Control Model 2500 with an insulation enclosure. It is being installed in a shed where an outdoor boiler used to be. The original boiler that was installed here was an outdoor boiler made somewherein Minnesota. It had sprung a leak in the water jacket due to rust. The stove was less than ten years old and the pro rated warranty was going to cost the homeowner more money to be repaired than it cost to buy a new insulated Thermo Control and build a shed around it.

The connections to the back of the boiler were simple. There was already electric run outside to the stove from the old install so connecting a 24 volt transformer to control the air flap on the front door was simple as well. A low water cutoff was also installed at the top rear of the water chamber as a safety devise just in case the automatic fill valve failed to add water if needed.

In the basement of the house an air scoop with an expansion tank and air bleader were installed. (the original boiler was an open loop system and didn't utilize an expansion tank) An automatic water fill valve was also added because with an open loop system, the water level usually has to be checked weekly and if the level is low, water is added manually by the homeowner turning a valve.

There was already a circulator in the basement pumping the hot water from the wood burning boiler  through a heat exchanger in the ductwork of the existing heating system.

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The two pictures on the top right and the pictures below, give you a good view of what the inside of the model 2500 looks like. Regardless of whether the wood burning boiler has an insulation enclosure or not. All of the Thermo Control boilers utilize a secondary burn chamber. The tubes running along the inside of the stove will feed preheated air the the secondary chamber during operation.

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In the remaining pictures, the final firebrick configuration is installed. The stove will be delivered with this brick installed and ready to go.

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