Typical Hot Water Furnace

All of the Hybrid stoves, boilers and 
Furnaces are designed to be  installed in
 any heating system.  
They can also be used to heat 
your domestic hot water too.


Installed using 40gal Storage Tank


Or Make Direct Connection



Or Heat Domestic Hot Water


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Thermo-Control Quality and heating convenience in wood burning. Dependability you can count on!

Thermo-Control Engineered to deliver a wide variety of  BTUs for useful heat with minimum maintenance. Steady, even heat up to 15 hours on one fueling.

Thermo-Control Versatility designed to offer installation as prime heat source or as supplement to oil or gas furnace.

Thermo-Control Ease of Operation.  Just set the thermostat and enjoy hours of solid comfort all through your home.  Plenty of hot tap water, too.

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