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    Thank you for your interest in the Thermo Control line of wood fired heating systems. Our wood burning boilers, wood burning furnaces and hybrid-wood stoves are professionally engineered to bring you the ultimate in efficiency, durability and versatility. Truly the "Ultimate Wood Burning System"

We are the leading distributor and installer of the Thermo Control brand wood burning boilers. We ship boilers all over the United States. We install these boilers primarily in the northeast region of the country. We also enjoy coaching homeowners and plumbers on their own installations.

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Now is the best time to get a boiler installed. Don't keep paying ridiculous prices to heat your home to a comfortable temperature. We have a stove that will heat your whole home & shop and reduce your heating cost to wood.

Thermo Control Wood Fired Heating Systems are installed as a "stand alone" primary heat source or they connect directly to your existing heating system giving you the freedom to switch between multiple fuels seemlessly, either hot water baseboard, radiant or forced hot air.

They can be installed in your basement, garage or shed and you just pipe the water to where you need it. Maybe your looking to do some snow melt or swimming pool heating or maybe a few greenhouses?


Current News Flash: 3-19-2015

The EPA's Final Rule has been published in the Federal Register

Thermo Control will only be producing the Legacy product until May 15th 2015

With this announcement will come an increase in demand. We predict by April 20th the backlog for boilers will far exceed what the company can produce by May 15th. If you are thinking of buying one of our Legacy boilers, now is the last chance to get it.

Call us now and ask whatever questions you need to help you make a decision.

Get one while you still can!!!

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Model TC600  2nd Generation Hi Efficiency Gasification wood burning boilers are in production and units are shipping!

WOW!!! What a beautiful piece of equipment this is.  86% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

This is the first true modulating wood fired heating system manufactured in the World!!!

What a statement to be able to make!!!

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After 7 years of development and testing, Thermo Control has unveiled their latest boiler the model TC600 2nd Generation High Efficiency Gasification wood burning boiler. This boiler utilizes technology that is leading the wood burning industry in a new direction. Combustion techniques based on jet propulsion technology sets this 2nd Generation High Efficiency Gasification wood burning boiler in a class all it's own.

It is a smart boiler, it anticipates and reacts quickly to changing load conditions by quickly modulating it's btu output to required levels while maintaining optimal chimney temperatures that are virtually smokeless. Although it burns at temperatures reaching 1700deg in it's secondary burn chamber, it manages to capture all that heat into the large water jacket resulting in less wasted heat going up the chimney. No large 500/1000 gallon water storage tanks required like most other high efficiency boilers.

This boiler "does not" use the Downdraft system and is not susceptible to the common problem of ash bridging ordinarily found in a downdraft boiler. It does come with a brick lined grate which provides for warm air to enter through the front door above and below the coal bed on the grate (commonly referred to as side draft). The grate also lets fine ash fall through for removal while the coals on top of the grate are hot as normal operating temperatures.

Thermo Control has always had the philosophy of using natural draft with secondary air. In this 2nd Generation High Efficiency Gasification boiler, the traditional natural draft with secondary air process has been enhanced with a few common measurement devices and a little modern day computing, providing for the control of metered primary and secondary air. The result being complete combustion of the gasses passing from one chamber to the next.

The exhaust flow is regulated by a variable speed draft inducer providing for optimal efficiency. Optimal efficiency is achieved when exhaust gasses are completely burned and the massive amount of heat created, is absorbed into the large water jacket by slowly moving the exhaust just enough to cause the optimal combustion conditions while limiting the amount of wasted heat going up the flue.

Thermo Control's Legacy Line of wood stoves and boilers still lead the industry after 40 years.

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Get one while you still can!!! The EPA has drafted a new performance standard for all wood burning appliances, raising the effeciency requirements just above the capabilities of this workhorse. Although it is 76% effecient, the new standard is 86% effeciency.

On March 15th 2015 (THIS YEAR) the EPA has made it's final ruling which will prohibit Thermo Control from making these models after May 15th 2015.

If you've been on the fence about when to get one, NOW!! is the time. This is not a scare tactic, this is fact.

These stoves will reduce your heating costs to wood. How cheap can you get a cord of wood for? It takes 200 gallons of oil to do what 1 cord of wood can do. You do the math. (it takes 260 gallons of propane to 1 cord of wood as well)

These indoor boilers are worth their weight in gold. The next Generation of boilers will be nearly twice the cost of these and will only be 10% more effecient. We Love our Model 600 2nd Generation High Effeciency Gasification Boilers, but for those of you having a hard time affording to heat your homes, these 1st Generation High Effeciency Boilers are just what you need.

These are 1st Generation High Efficiency Gasification wood burning boilers developed back in the mid 70's. The burn chamber of all our stoves in this class, are fitted with a secondary burn chamber at the rear of the primary chamber, nearly doubling the efficiency from 40% to 76% (A.F.U.E.) . This Genius idea has earned Thermo Control a well respected position as a leader in the wood burning industry.

The Legacy line all started when Thermo Control introduced a Revolutionary baffle system creating the first High Efficiency Gasification wood burning system in production in the united states. Internal water coils, air plenums and water jackets were quickly put to use providing ways to distribute the sheer energy created by this clever design. It took the world 35 years to develop a stove that could out perform this simple design of the Legacy line. The use of modern day sensors and on-board computers has been the only way to improve efficiency to the next level.

The boiler model of the Legacy line has ultimately become the most popular product over time. The ability of water to capture the heat produced and distribute it where it is converted to warmth is a remarkable process and very efficient.

We consider these wood stoves to be zero maintenance in any configuration. Aside from ash removal and a yearly chimney cleaning, there really isn't anything that needs to be done as far as maintenance goes. All controls are off the shelf items, usually a Honeywell product that comes with a proven track record of it's own.

Over the past forty years, many stove companies have come and gone while Thermo Control has been able to stand the test of time because they have a product that doesn't quit.

The large wood fill door permits you to load logs without splitting them. The Huge firebox features firebrick lining at the base, providing for life-long heating. The built-in efficiency of this unique wood burning system keeps your home comfortably warm with a minimum of time and effort on your part!

Thermo Control Wood Fired Heating Systems use the efficient lengthwise burning system. This permits you to remove ashes while the fire is still burning. Ash removal may be done once a week or once a month depending upon the model and type of wood used.

All Thermo Control Wood Fired Heating Systems are constructed of heavy 1/4" and 3/16" thick hot rolled black steel by master craftsmen to insure a heating system that radiates like cast iron of old, but will not crack or "pop". The lustrous finish on every Thermo-Control is heat resistant to 1200 degrees.

The automatic air control and carefully designed secondary burn chamber combined with a large overall heating surface make a Thermo Control wood fired heating system the most functionally efficient on the market.

Thermo Control's automatic air control guarantees a constant, even temperature. Wood and wood gases are burned more efficiently because of the airtight gasketed door, primary air pre-heat chamber for hotter combustion, uniquely designed downdraft baffle system and secondary air supply. The downdraft forces the smoke and gases down over the hot coals and through the secondary combustion chamber, squeezing every BTU possible out of the gases before sending what's left up the flue.

Thermo Control has been the leader in hot water wood fired heating systems for 40 years. The technology established 40 years ago is still the best money can buy today.

Engineered by Thermo-Control to provide you with the best wood fired heating system available at an extremely reasonable price.

The Leading Distributor and Installer for Thermo Control

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We are certified Thermo Control technicians!

We Install more Thermo Control products than anyone!

We are Experts on Boiler sizing and Installation techniques!

We can troubleshoot just about any problem you are having over the phone and if needed we make service calls.

You will be pleased with the craftsmanship of every Thermo Control product





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